Amir Stark

I grew up in the Philadelphia area and have practiced law here for my entire career. People in this community demand justice, convenience and results, and that is precisely what I provide. I have several meeting locations in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties and would be more than pleased to meet for a face-to-face consultation at a time and place that is most convenient to you.

I am a highly compassionate and caring individual and that carries over to how I treat my clients. Whether I represent you in a criminal or civil matter, I will take the time to get to know you and your loved ones so I can best allay your fears and concerns. My clients and their families can get a hold of me 24/7 if need be and I will not rest if I feel that any of my clients are not getting the best representation I know how to provide.

When I’m not busy fighting for my clients, I might be spotted going for a bike ride around the neighborhood with my wife and two daughters or zipping along one of our local mountain biking trails either with friends or just me and my Labrador Retriever. Those who know me professionally usually get to know me personally and I can proudly state that some of my clients have also become some of my closest friends.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your legal matters. I’m here to help.